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Mary Allen and Sixth and Zero Day

Sunday September 26th, the City of Evansville and mayor Lloyd Winnecke, proclaim Mary Allen and Sixth and Zero day.  Mary is being recognized for her exemplary leadership in creating a thriving locally owned business dedicated to human health and the care of the environment.   

Join us for some refreshments-provided by New Horizons Financial Consultants and Denise Biggerstaff Coaching.

Everything will be 6% off all day.  Stasher Bags will be BOGO 60% off!

And that's not all, we will have fun, yet educational, activities and free favors! As well as DROP OFF BOXES out for the following items:Glass, Pre-Loved and New Bras, and our Terracycle Boxes for Disposable Masks, and Beauty items.

(If you can't join us live, we'd love for you to join us on FB Live at 2 pm as we read the proclamation.)