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Wealth Management and Comprehensive Financial Planning     


New Horizons Financial Consultants provides sound investment recommendations, professional asset management, and tailored financial services to fit your specific needs. Unlike many financial advisors, our primary objective isn't to sell you financial or insurance products. Instead, we work collaboratively with you to develop a financial plan that's designed specifically to address your needs in practical, understandable ways.

Working together, we'll develop a strategy that guides and coordinates your finances. We'll educate you about the options available to you. We'll explain any risks and strategies you can use to minimize that risk, so you can make investment decisions with confidence and take control of your financial future. Depending upon your needs, your plan may address:

  • education planning and funding
  • income tax planning
  • asset management
  • life, disability and long term health care insurance
  • investment review and recommendations
  • net worth analysis
  • cash flow analysis
  • asset allocation analysis
  • survivor income analysis
  • retirement projections
  • estate planning projections

Our professionals take a comprehensive approach to evaluating investment choices and identifying those that best address your short- and long-term goals. Among the elements we consider when developing investment plans are:

  • market comparison research
  • tactical investment strategies
  • continuous investment account monitoring
  • professional investment recommendations
  • asset allocation
  • high yield sustainable reward research
  • risk tolerance evaluation
  • economic factor consideration

Today's choices will determine how comfortably you can retire. We'll help you identify customized investments, make the most of retirement plan rollovers and distributions, and prepare for life's unexpected challenges.

With thoughtful planning, your hard-earned assets can improve life for your children, grandchildren, and the causes that matter to you. We'll work with you to develop a plan focused on your unique goals. We'll also consider the financial implications for survivors in the event of your death or disability and identify strategies to provide for their needs.

Contact us today at 812-618-9050 or julie@newhorizonsfc.net for a free, no-obligation consultation.

*All investing involves risk, including loss of principal.  Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss