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Even a divorce that begins on a “friendly” basis can become emotionally devastating, and financial issues only fuel the fire in acrimonious dissolutions. Concerns about basic and long-term financial needs, the loss of economic support, and damage to economic status can quickly escalate anxiety and other issues.

Your counsel helps clients cope with those issues, but the expertise of Amy Bouchie, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, who is also trained in the Collaborative Divorce process, can help them take practical steps to address the financial implications of the situation and decisions to be made. She has extensive training that’s focused on the many financial aspects of divorce. We’ll work with your client to forecast the long-term financial effects of the divorce settlement, including realistic budgets, living costs, tax impacts, insurance, and preparation for retirement. If your client has children, we’ll also address their financial needs. That practical, realistic advice often alleviates apprehension about the divorce.


Our professionals will analyze the potential financial outcomes of proposed divorce settlement options and help your client understand how the terms of the settlement will affect the rest of their life. That protects your client’s interests, heads off verbal disagreements between the parties, helps your client make decisions with confidence, and minimizes the potential for long-term regret and recrimination.


Clients who have recently been divorced or widowed may be overwhelmed. We can help them take steps that aim to restore and protect their financial well-being, while you guide them through emotional healing.

Contact Amy Bouchie today at 812-618-9050 or ab@newhorizonsfc.net to make a referral or discuss how we can support your client.

Learn more about the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® certification process.