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No matter the reason for divorce, the central issue often becomes the division of assets and future financial needs. Amy Bouchie, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, who is also trained in the Collaborative Divorce process, and our highly trained team address the time-consuming financial aspects in ways that support your practice.

In traditional and collaborative divorces, as well as mediation, our professionals’ specialized expertise can:

  • strengthen and support your case
  • prepare financial data and settlement scenarios for you
  • reduce your client’s apprehension
  • seek financial resolution more effectively
  • clarify how decisions affect your client’s long-term financial well-being
  • forecast long-term financial and tax impacts, including retirement needs
  • offer expert testimony and mediation support

We support the work you do by providing the needed professional analysis to create realistic financial expectations of the possible settlement and future economic health of your clients. Thus allowing your clients to have confidence in their settlement options and decision making.

Our billing is flexible, so clients can pay us directly or through your firm.

Contact Amy Bouchie today at 812-618-9050 or ab@newhorizonsfc.net to discuss how we can support your client or to make a referral.

Learn more about the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® certification process.